Ghost Voice Box (Spirit Box)

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Note: This application uses a sound bank to emulate a Spirit Voice Box. It is intended for entertainment purposes only! Ghost Voice Box can allow you to get in touch with the energies around you! If you open yourself to the possibilities, you will be amazed at what lies beyond. This app is best used in a quiet environment, either with headphones or over speakers. Results can vary drastically from session to session, but either way, you often can get answers to your questions. You can use this app alone or within a group environment. Step 1: Prepare a space, free from distraction, and noises. Step 2: Open yourself mentally and spiritually. Step 3: Start the app and begin to listen. Step 4: Once you are able to understand, ask your questions slowly and deliberately. Answers are rarely direct and often require understanding and context. Multiple sessions at the same time in the same location can help establish a context and deepen your understanding. - If you at any point feel uncomfortable, turn off the app and take a break. Only listen as long as you feel comfortable. - Please do not run multiple instances of the same app, since they will make it difficult for you to focus sufficiently during a session.


Screenshot of Ghost Voice Box (Spirit Box)
Screenshot of Ghost Voice Box (Spirit Box)
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